The Triple Performance platform

Our platform aims to help the transition of farmers to new agro-ecological practices, be it technical setups, new equipment, new solutions, etc. It addresses two key points of change management: decision and implementation.

The objective is to achieve, as much as possible the triple performance : economic (financial balance of the farm), environmental (soil, water, CO2) and social (arduous and work time). For this, the website will not be limited to certain topics, as long as the discussions remain technical, and will be in compliance with the points of view and levels of maturity of each farmer. It will be also discussed new options of sale or supply, new systems of insurance, etc...

Our purpose is to help identifying best practices given the context of each farm, thanks to collective intelligence.

The platform also allows to capitalize knowledgein order that it serves beyond private discussions between two or three people.

The platform is not a substitute for all the actors of the sector (advisors, distributors, manufacturers); it accelerates and makes advises and actions more relevant.

We have decided to build upon open-source software, in order to connect as quickly as possible with our community. We then blend and adapt our software with feedback from our users.

The platform is built around a wiki-type CMS (the software actually used by Wikipedia, then modified for our needs).

In this knowledge database, one will find the techniques, crop production, pest control, agricultural labels, materials, etc

The database also comprises farmers stories, specifying the technical and financial information during implementation of their practices.

The knowledge database also serves as a starting point for discussions, questions and comments which form the community around each practice.