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About Neayi

Neayi is born from the meeting of people who share the same vision and the same values : the changes that are at work in the world of agriculture to such an extent that new forms of support should be deployed.

We contribute thanks to the special skills of each member of the team, and methods developed for the implementation of this support.

Henri de Richecour

Henri de Richecour

Former EMEA financial director at Dow Agrosciences and president of the French subsidiary, then head of the Balkans business unit. His knowledge of the agricultural sector and the issues that it is facing pushes him to find new ways of considering the problem of changing practices, both with a rational and efficient perspective, but also dispassionate and professional.

Bertrand Gorge

Bertrand Gorge

After a long experience as head of R&D and then design director of CrossKnowledge (European leader in e-learning), Bertrand Gorge puts his skills and experience at the service of the transmission of knowledge and support for change in the agricultural world.

Astrid Robette

Astrid Robette

Initially training agronomist, his professional evolution has led to orient themselves towards the digital marketing. This dual expertise allows him to occupy the position of editorial manager and community manager in our team.

Our values


We believe that everyone has something to contribute - whether it's a new practice, a new way of doing things, or more simply to approve what is done by others


We believe that the platform should be open, and that knowledge should not remain hidden


Using data to understand where and how such practices are deployed are all ways of reassuring farmers when making their choices


We would like to open the door at all. Organic, conventional, no-till, neo-rural, researchers, dreamers... It is by opening the discussion that we will be able to innovate collectively !

How are we different ?

We provide a culture of digital, methods to support change, IT skills and digital marketing, which make it possible to do things differently ...