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The maintenance of the common

As for Wikipedia, there is a set of maintenance tasks and of software development on the platform that the Neayi team provides in the context of its contribution to the common.

Content organization

Regular review of menus, portals organization, keywords (taxonomy), categories, etc... On each topic we discuss with experts with whom we are in relationship to validate the good organization of the pages in connection with the subject.

Creation of thematic articles

When drafting articles for the platform, and in connection with the discussions that have taken place on social networks, we identify new topics to be addressed. 

These topics give rise to the identification of continuous bibliographical sources, and users can vote on each of them in order to express the interest they bear.

Thus, we contribute freely to the content of the Triple Performance platform by writing articles that meet the expectations of the community.

Dissemination and marketing of the platform

We use digital marketing strategies adapted to the ambition of the platform. So that all of this content is actually accessed by the various communities of farmers, requires excellent SEO (search engine optimization), advertising thematic topics on Google (adwords), or on Facebook, etc.

Contributors community management

Most importantly, our teams are present and active in the different facebook groups in which farmers and advisors discuss. We put forward articles according to the seasonally and themes of each group.

Technical maintenance (links, 404, ...)

The Internet is a world in perpetual evolution, and it regularly happens that a source (article or PDF) is no longer accessible because the site on which it was found has been updated. Our platform has tools that allow us to identify all the links in dead-end (code 404), which allows us to fix them quickly.

In addition, our teams ensure that each software component of the platform can be regularly updated in order to comply with the state of the art in terms of security.

UX improvements and software development

Finally, we have plenty of ideas on how to improve the platform, to make it ever more useful and easy to use. We develop these in a continuous release methodology, in link with our community !