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The Triple Performance ecosystem

We can't build Triple Performance all alone ! There are too many subjects to be dealt with ! This is why we have designed from the beginning this project in partnership with as many stakeholders as possible:

Content partners

We are working with all the actors of the agricultural world that produce content and wish to extend its impact. We work, for example, since the beginning of our project with ACTA, which allows us to use the GECO knowledge base. We also work with Ver de Terre Production, Fermes d’Avenir, Maraîchage Sol Vivant, Aline “Installons-nous paysans”, the Chambers of Agriculture, Arbre et Paysage 32, Alain Mallard, ...

We are open to discuss with any structure that has expertise and who would like to grow the impact of their expertise.


We work with engineers schools (ENSAT, Agrosup Dijon, University Of Sophia Antipolis, ...) and agricultural high schools. In the course of their studies, students can either make farm descriptions following their internships in the field, or write a thematic article with the support of research units within the institution. 


We are convinced, following many discussions with advisors, GIEE groups and farmers in the field, that most of the agro-ecological levers require much more sophisticated agronomic knowledge than the simple application of chemistry and mechanics. Solutions must be adapted to each pedo-climatic/mechanical context.

Moreover, the acceleration of the climate change phenomenons (frost, hail, but also insects attacks, diseases, etc.) are that it is increasingly necessary to shorten the link between fundamental research and experimentation on the ground. Our platform is here to enable this discussion, and to facilitate the implementation of research protocols in collaboration between farmers and researchers.

Call for projects

Many projects are launched with financial support of the CASDAR or other funding mechanisms, which include a diffusion work package. We are here to facilitate and optimize this, so that the results of these projects get as many eyeballs as they should!

Financial partners

Commons, even when free/open, require maintenance. We are happy to work with actors of the agricultural world that wish to participate in this project, for example to fund the writing of a thematic article. These pages are then explicitly identified as having been written in partnership with the partner organization.

Community of contributors

All regular or occasional contributors, are welcomed in our Slack workspace, on which we discuss, give technical or editorial support, directly and quickly respond to all questions. We also love to be able to see everyone in real life on a regular basis !


Our project is intended to be declined in different territories. We are looking for partners to open and !


We are also part of several associations (Carbon Fertile, CoFarming, CNRAbecause we want to be the relay of those who seek to make a difference in the agricultural world.

Interested in one those ways of working together ?