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Our services

Neayi offers a range of services aimed at players of the agricultural world.

Editorial engineering

Mapping of proteins autonomy concepts

Teams may sometimes include experts who have acquired a strong knowledge on topics, yet that is poorly valued and who struggle to be disseminated to farmers and advisors.

We can help to write articles on these topics, starting with an interview of the expert and/or a bibliographic research. We map the key concepts (validated with the expert), and then write the article starting with the structure, and ending with feedback, charts, videos, illustrations, etc

You can use this content in your communication, while increasing the shared knowledge on the Triple Performance platform. Pages written in this way are clearly labeled as such, and your logo will appear as a contributor to the site. Your expert is not requested on an ad hoc basis but remains associated end-to-end.

He can even, if he wishes, create an account on the platform, and continue the discussion on the forum with interested advisors and farmers.

Change management

We can assist you in change management process with the help of both our platform and our consulting capabilities.

For example, we accompany the Var's Chamber of Agriculture in a large project on the resistant grape varieties, in which we help in the identification of barriers to the introduction of new grape varieties (regulatory, technical, association in winemaking, etc...), and through facilitated meetings, interviews with the stakeholders (growers, advisors, policy-makers), propose and deploy a knowledge organization. We take the initiative to integrate all the experts (researchers, retailers, agro-suppliers) in the reflection in order to collect the most discussion, and provide answers to the vine-growers so that they make the best decisions when considering the introduction of new grape varieties.

Online facilitation workshop on a change management project

Knowledge dissemination engineering

The best knowledge platform is of no value if no one is aware that it exists... Therefore we have developed several methodologies to disseminate the articles from the platform: publications and animations in groups agricultural professionals on Facebook, Twitter, SEO, sharing capability, linkbacks, opengraph, etc...

Many technical and UX details in the platform exist in order to increase the traffic and visibility of the platform.

Today we are proud to have many positions “zero” on Google Search, which are that many farmers naturally fall on the right page of the platform when they search for specific topics in their browser.

An article in position "zero"

Community management

Whether we like it or not, discussions happen everywhere ! We are present in many groups on Facebook, on Twitter, etc... When a topic is linked to pages from Triple Performance, we do everything we can to respond to questions (and/or soothe the controversy !), and if necessary go back to the expert for the most accurate answer.

Software engineering and data

We are experts in computer science, and have plenty of ideas on how to combine, connect, synchronize, integrate and merge knowledge bases...

For example, we have computed the list of grape varieties in the platform from at least 6 different knowledge and data bases. Each time, we find the best data integration method, validate the licenses, even contact the various data producers. We know how to integrate with APIS, data from Excel, xml, json, and others...!

We have also developed a WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically integrate Triple Performance pages on your web site, following different criteria that you can set (including canonical links in order to avoid the duplicate page effect, disliked by search engines).