Our offer

We bring digital technology and competencies in change management, editorial content and deployment, in order to better support your farmers in their transitions.

Who should use our platform ?

Our platform is designed for farmers, regardless of their current system. It aims to help them embracing change, in order to cope with the multiple challenges they face.

The platform is also at the service of the actors of the agricultural world, in order to assist in the technical support of this transformation :

  • Distribution channels: businesses, cooperatives, technical advisors, unions/associations of producers, etc
  • Agro-suppliers: manufacturers of solutions for crop protection, machines and tools, software or services
  • Actors of the agri-food industry
  • Institutional actors : agricultural chambers, public institutions (Acta, Arvalis), territories, ...

An open-source platform

At the heart of our proposal, the platform tripleperformance.fr is free for the community of farmers.

It allows them to assess the environmental, social and economic impact of each practice, production, label or product.

They can interact by asking questions, sharing with their peers and communities of experts around every practice, across distances and systems.

The context of each farm (system, soil, climate, work capacity, production, etc.) also makes it possible to judge the relevance of experiences before deciding to implement anything locally.

Content management

The platform allows you to quickly and easily put content online no matter what type (text, videos, charts, photos, graphs, etc).

  • All actors can participate in the collaborative improvement of the content, in a simple and secure manner
  • The articles are optimized for viewing on mobile, and for SEO - allowing efficient search and share between farmers
  • Once an article is published, it is easy to improve it, in order to incorporate feedback from the community, new results, new sources
  • It is possible to add dynamic parts (dynamic maps, related questions, etc...)
Thanks to the tripleperformance.fr platform, advisors and technical vendors can quickly use and improve content for their communities of farmers: service or product descriptions, tutorials, feedback, etc...

Support for technical advisors

The platform incorporates a system of questions and answers, which allows your advisors and technical vendors to stay in touch and provide relevant technical support to the entire community of farmers, in addition to the existing business activity:

  • Notifications when a farmer (followed or on your territory) asks a question
  • Notifications when new questions are asked on followed areas of interest
  • Opportunity to complete or to provide certified answers, with links to articles written by your experts
  • Only technical discussions are accepted on the platform, regardless of the topic (agronomy, machinery, sales channels, insurance, etc...). A charter, as well as the moderation and voting systems can help avoid less useful, political or dividing discussions.

Thanks to the platform, your advisors and technical vendors can provide more relevant new services and offers at the right time to the right people, taking into account raised issues and needs.


Strategic insights management interface

Traffic analysis and questions asked in a territory, crossed with the different segments of farmers (productions, practices, type of operation), allows for the emergence of useful strategic insight:

  • What are the hindrances to what practices ?
  • What are the territories or communities of farmers that are ready for a given new production or system?
  • Is there some expressed interest to such service or such innovation ?

The platform then allows :

  • to improve the adoption of new practices and new productions
  • to manage targeted and relevant communities
  • to improve the use of your solutions and services
  • to better understand users
  • to increase the quality of the productions
  • to improve resilience of productions by improving farmers knowledge

We develop, in the form of ad-hoc additional services, all documentation and training modules that may be necessary for your digital strategy in order to support your communities of farmers.