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We design a web platform that brings together farmers and experts, to enable them to evaluate the relevance of a practice before implementing it.

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Neayi — our convictions
This is the first article in a series of articles on Neayi. We want here to explain the agricultural context as we perceive it, in France…

Neayi's team

Bertrand Gorge

Co-founder of one of the European leader in e-learning software. Bertrand has been behind a dozen of innovations that have been praised by customers and also by a number of industry awards. His job is to design web platforms to help transmit knowledge and support change.
Henri de Richecour
Former EMEA Chief Financial Officer of Dow-Agrosciences and President of the French subsidiary, then head of the Balkans business unit. His knowledge of the agricultural sector and of its issues pushes him to find new ways to consider the problem of changing practices, both with rational and professional effectiveness.

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